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Viastein augmented reality app



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Feature-rich AR application for the prominent Hungarian manufacturer of paving slabs


Develop an innovative AR app that enables customers to visualize and customize various outdoor elements, such as paving slabs, fences, stairs, garden beds, and stone walls for Viastein, a prominent manufacturer in Hungary and Romania.

The Marevo team successfully designed the Viastein AR app. The "EF Covering" powered solution offers a seamless and immersive experience for customers. This advanced app enables users to try on different products in augmented reality, allowing them to visualize and adjust various elements of paving slabs, fences, stairs, garden beds, and stone walls.


Fences in AR

Key Features:

  1. Diverse Paving Slabs 
    Discover a vast collection of paving slab designs.


  2. Adjustable Fences 
    Personalize every element of your fence system.


  3. Stone Stair Visuals 
    Explore different stone stair styles and configurations.


  4. Custom Garden Beds 
    Design and visualize tailored garden bed layouts.


  5. Adaptable Stone Walls 
    Customize stone walls to suit your outdoor space.


  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement 
    The Viastein AR app offers an engaging platform for customers to visualize and customize their outdoor projects. This immersive experience fosters a stronger connection with Viastein's brand.


  2. Informed Decision-Making 
    With the AR visualization feature, customers can confidently make choices that align with their unique preferences, ensuring satisfaction with the final project.


  3. Streamlined Project Planning 
    The advanced AR tool streamlines the project planning process, allowing effective communication between Viastein and customers. The app facilitates seamless collaboration, resulting in a smooth and satisfactory outdoor project experience.

Garden beds in AR

The result

The Viastein AR app developed by Marevo redefines the way customers explore and design their outdoor projects. By providing an interactive and personalized experience, the app cements Viastein's position as a leading provider of paving slabs and outdoor solutions in the Hungary and Romania market.

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