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Meisterdrucke ARt generator


web AR configurator on the website

WebAR tool that allows customers to view artworks on their own walls via smartphones


Give customers a better understanding of what they are buying and let them see how it will look like in their home

Meisterdrucke is a company that creates high-quality art prints with modern technology and elaborate procedures in Villach, Austria. Every customer may purchase posters and canvases of old masterpieces that meet their particular requirements. 


The picture as a product looks simple enough at first look. However, there are also many details that should be taken into account. 

The current configurator generates the 3D model of a picture considering the following parameters. Actual artwork, the texture of the canvas. As well as the texture,  size, and color of Passepartout. Also, frames have their own parameters. 

Totally, the 3D model is created based on about 35 parameters.


Afterward, it's ready for AR fitting on the customer's wall. 

The result

The webAR pictures configurator allows generating a 3D model and placing that on a wall in real-time basing on the parameters the customer set. There is a quick video about that.

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