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AR app for real-time fitting of floor and wall coverings for the Czech manufacturer of stone carpets


Create an AR app that allows trying on floor and wall stone carpets in real-time. 

It's possible to find stone carpets from Bacabeton in more than 500 buildings over the Czech Republic. Since the company has the widest range of products, its team is constantly bringing tools to help customers choose the right design.


Bacabeton - augmented reality app for concrete flooring

The Marevo team developed an "EF Covering" powered mobile app that allows exploring stone carpets by Bacabeton via augmented reality.


Since the Bacabeton app is connected to the company's database, a catalog of available coatings for both floors and walls is always relevant.


A customer can surf through the product list, compare various items, and order it afterward. 

Obviously, the main feature is the Augmented reality mode. It works for both floors and walls. The app allows coating a surface by automatical scanning or marking up it manually. 

Choosing among available items in the list, the customer can try on each one and share snaps of the most suitable of them. Video capture is also available.  

Bacabeton - augmented reality app for concrete wall coatings

The result

Find all 4 approaches to coating in the video below:

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