Paving slabs Ozon - visualizer



AR visualizer for the prominent Ukrainian paving slabs manufacturer


Develop a digital tool that makes the process of choosing paving slabs faster and easier.

"Ozon" is one of the most prominent Ukrainian manufacturers of paving slabs and related products. The company has more than 30 years of successful history and its tiles coat courtyards and streets all over Ukraine. 


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Our favorite сapacity of paving slabs is that the customer can create uncounted number of patterns within one collection and its color options. 

The one of challenges (successful, btw) was to create a way that allows uploading patterns to the app without any limitations. 

Thanks to that, the Client's team can update products, their patterns and textures independently, without any assistance of our developers.

As well as all modern AR projects, powered by EF Covering, the Ozon AR app has 2 modes of covering process.

The automatical one uses the computer vision to recognize and avoid obstacles coating the whole visible floor. The manual mode allows outlining the area with a specific shape and coating only that part only. 


In AR, the user can change a product, its pattern or even each particular color in the pattern.

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Watch the video below to see how it works:

The result

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