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AR configurator of swimming pools



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AR configurator of swimming pools


Create a marketing/designing tool that accelerates and improves the sales experience.

Aquatechnik is a Ukrainian company headquartered in Odesa. It builds and maintains swimming pools over Ukraine.


AR configurator of swimming pools

The company managers were not totally happy with the speed and quality of interaction with customers. They looked for a way that may allow the company's sales reps to reveal a future swimming pool right in the backyard in a few seconds.


Obviously, a mobile app with an AR feature is a way to go.

The Marevo team has created a mobile configurator that allows marking up the ground and placing there a swimming pool with the required dimensions.

The app allows creating the swimming pool in seconds.

However, it isn't only the feature.  The created swimming pool has many options for customization:
- pool depth and covering (many items of liner, mosaic, plastic, and tile).
- sides and decking around
- shape and position of steps
- models, number, and positions of skimmers, spotlights, jets, etc.
- turn on/off the availability of water
- and our favorite - day/night mode 💙

AR configurator of swimming pools / night mode

Of course, a video can't convey all the impressions but let's use this way at least for a quick look.

The result

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