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WebAR configurator for Tables by TIM


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A 3D/AR table configurator for the Shopify furniture online store Tables by TIM


Replace the outdated 2D tables configurator with the modern 3D solution with an AR feature

Tables by TIM is a single product concept where company helps people put together their unique dining room setting. Experienced designers propose an unique table with trendy colours, top and leg collections made of high-quality sustainable materials.


The first step is realistic AR-optimized 3D models of all table top and leg shapes. 
Our 3D artists designed that based on the technical drawings. Provided photos and other available information helped in adjusting the correct colors and textures. 

The Marevo team designed a new dinner table configurator that allows adjusting shape, dimensions, color, legs, etc., and exploring that in 3D. The solution uses the webAR approach, i.e. it's browser-compatible and has an AR feature on mobiles. 

The webAR solution is incorporated and adjusted in a Shopify-powered online store by our partners and friends - Web-Systems Solutions company ( 

TBT furniture configurator

The result

The webAR configurator allows adjusting a table, trying on the result in a kitchen in real-time, making a decision, and purchasing it in a matter of minutes. 

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