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SCANDI 3D configurator


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A web-based 3D configurator with augmented reality capabilities for SCANDI modular homes


Create a user-friendly and immersive platform that allows customers to visualize and customize their future homes in real-time.

The Marevo team designed the SCANDI AR 3D Configurator, seamlessly integrating it into SCANDI's website. This cutting-edge tool offers customers personalized customization options for four house models, including colors, terrace size, amenities, furniture, and more.


Key Features:
1) Personalized Customization: The 3D configurator empowers customers to design their dream homes by modifying colors, terrace size, amenities, furniture, and additional options, aligning with their unique preferences.

2) Real-Time AR Visualization: With augmented reality, users can virtually place the 3D model of their chosen SCANDI home on their property, gaining a lifelike representation to visualize their home's appearance in their desired location.


The result

The SCANDI AR 3D Configurator, developed by Marevo, revolutionizes the prefab home selection process, combining innovative technology and design excellence. Providing customers with personalized options and real-time visualization enhances SCANDI's reputation as a provider of comfortable, elegant, and affordable modular prefab homes.

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