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An augmented reality app for decking manufacturer. It allows trying on decking, siding, fences as well.


Create a new tool for the marketing department and contractors as well. The tool should present the company's product range in a demonstrative way; improve communication between contractors and company; simplify the choosing process for customers.

Holzdorf manufactures the following product range:

  • decking;

  • siding;

  • fences;

  • garden beds.

Each of these products has a specific view and is used in different areas. So the app development was divided into a few stages.

The first one was the Decking stage. It's based on Marevo's Excellent Floor solution with some modifications. At this stage, the app has got a "flooring" feature that allows trying on decking, getting a covered area, and cost.

The second stage was a Siding stage. It builds vertical surfaces in AR and covers them with siding by Holzdorf. A customer can cut out windows and doors in a wall to make the experience more realistic.

The next stages allow placing 3D models of fences and garden beds. The customer can change their size, color, and type.

The app is Marevo's Excellent Floor solution-based.


The result

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