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Al Dossary Stores 


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Augmented reality app for a chain of sanitary ware and tiles stores from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Create the Virtual Simulation experience where we use AR or VR for consumers to simulate their places.

M M Al Dossary Stores, established in 1950, with experience of over 60 years in the field of sanitary wares and tiles. The management team of the company has worked with superior guidelines that assure the highest quality products and services provided to Stores clients all over the Kingdom.

The Stores have grown over the years to cover almost all main regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


AR is an affordable and easily customizable tool. That's why it was chosen for reaching the goal of the project.

The app allows customers to explore the company's product range in detail and try on it in their own rooms via AR.

The catalog is divided into several sections corresponding to the types of products: floor tiles, wall tiles, sanitary ware. It has filters and a search feature that makes it much easier for the customer to browse the range.

The app has Arabic and English versions.

Like all of the "EF Covering' powered apps, the Al Dossary Stores has a tutorial mode. It explains step by step how to interact with products in augmented reality.

The app can place floor/wall tiles and sanitary ware. It also has a few more AR features. The tutorial explains everything independently.

The explanation starts the first time you launch the app. And it is available in the menu to go through again.

The app scans the floor and suggests outlining the place that should be tiled. It allows the customer to adjust the accurate size and shape of the covered area.

Such an approach is especially convenient when only a small piece of a whole floor or wall should be overlaid with tiles.

What's next? Well, the customer can:

- try on various collections, sizes, and models by just tapping on product previews in the menu.

- take a picture or video. Share that with friends via socials or save an idea in the gallery.

- add selected items to a cart and order them.

The result

The main challenge of the project was to provide a customer with UI, that allows interacting with all types of company's products simultaneously.

There were designed about 100 mockups before Marevo's developers started coding.


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