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Enita AR


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An augmented reality application for trying on carpetings in real-time


Design another way for reaching customers.

Enita is a chain of flooring stores. The product range is diverse: carpets, laminate, linoleum, artificial grass, etc.


As with almost any marketing tool - content preparation is the most difficult and time-consuming task. Therefore, the project is implemented in stages. And the first stage is the section of carpeting.

The app has a product catalog with filters and detailed item description. The customer can get all the required information.

The app has a tutorial mode. It explains step by step how to use the augmented reality feature.

The explanation takes place in 4 steps and starts the first time you launch the app.

Afterward, it is available in the menu to go through again.

The UI is simple and clear. Every step is explained.

At first, a user has to scan a floor. The next step is to outline a zone that will be covered.

That's all - the area is ready for trying on. Choose among hundreds of carpetings, filter them, take a picture or video, share that with friends and beloved ones.

The result

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