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Create tools,
not toys

Augmented reality
provides much greater opportunities for businesses than ever before.

AR/VR technologies are not just for fun,

they can also provide additional value for a business.

Our Services

Welcome to the cutting-edge of augmented reality innovation! We specialize in crafting immersive Android/iOS/Vision Pro apps and web solutions that seamlessly integrate AR technology.

Develop AR/VR apps

We develop augmented reality apps for iOS and Android devices.

Develop Web AR solutions

We create browser-compatible web AR configurators for E-commerce and other business areas.

Develop Vision Pro apps

Vision Pro apps

We create immersive apps for Vision Pro by Apple

Create 3D models

3D models

We take real items and bring them to life by creating exciting 3D animated models.


Recent cases


Viastein AR app

Feature-rich AR application for the prominent Hungarian manufacturer of paving slabs


Our Solutions

We do not only succeed with clients' challenges via AR but we are constantly looking for our own solutions. Their main purpose is to provide different business areas with tools for self-improvement. There are some of them below.

Web AR configurator

The "WebAR-commerce" software module allows customers to explore 3D models and access AR experiences via a mobile web browser, without a specific mobile app.

This solution is well suited to e-stores and websites with goods related to houses, furniture, doors, cars, interior decor, home appliances, yachts, toys, various equipment, etc.

The "EF Covering" is a mobile application that allows buyers to "try on" new flooring or wall covering without leaving home. It can visualize a lot of flooring materials like:

  • ceramic or porcelain tile

  • laminate and parquet

  • vinyl and linoleum

  • hardwood and bamboo

EF Covering AR app
AR Houses

The "AR houses" is a mobile app that allows your buyers to virtually 'visit' a new house while it hasn't been built yet.


Marevo reviews from Clutch



Marevo is a Ukrainian outsourcing company that specializes in AR app development and related projects.

We really keen on solutions we create and try to make them as useful as possible. Maybe, that's a reason why we do not create mobile games. 


Our team strives to help small and medium businesses to find more effective and spectacular solutions to challenges using augmented reality.

Find the same in a few words with pictures in Our Presentation

Marevo ( ['ma:revо] ; in Ukrainian: mirage, illusion) —
an optical phenomenon that distorts the perception of a really existing object.


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Our days become brighter when we receive your message or call.

We really enjoy chatting with our clients.


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+38 (067) 642-77-28

18 Vasylia Lypkivskoho str.,
Kyiv, Ukraine

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