Croc Coatings LiDAR AR app

The LiDAR-based AR app for the concrete coating system providing company


Implement the newest tools, approaches, and technologies into the salespersons toolkit.

Our partner "Croc Coatings" is a local business servicing North Idaho and Spokane. The company deals with renovating floors. Their award-winning Penntek® Evolution industrial coating system can be installed in as little as ONE DAY.

On the other hand, picking the right color option may take a customer much more because of the lack of the right tools.



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The new Croc Coatings LiDAR AR app solves this issue. It's a solution that Croc Coatings sales managers use nowadays.

The app became a prosperous experimental project for both Marevo and Croc Coatings companies. The project was designed using ARKit SDK, Excellent Floor solution, and LiDAR sensor for iOS devices.

We developed the LiDAR-based app that helps to choose the right floor cover within 5 minutes instead of a few days.

The app scans and coats the floor automatically. It allows a user to try on various floor coatings a partner provided.


LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor is used for ultra-precise measurement of physical distances.

The result

There is a video below of how we use it for a commercial AR project.

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