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Discover how to facilitate house sales
using Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality (AR) — is an interactive experience of a real-world environment whereby the objects that reside in the real world are "augmented" by computer-generated perceptual information.

AR Houses app

"AR houses" is a mobile app that allows your buyers to virtually 'visit' a new house while it isn't built yet.

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So how it works

The primary purpose is to present a future house or your company's houses to customers.
While it isn't built yet.

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Augmented reality allows placing real-size houses and reduced copies for further exploration. It helps potential customers to play exterior and interior variations. For example, another wall color, different flooring, and much more.

The customer even has the opportunity to oversee the view from the windows!
Just take a look at this short video:


Cross Platform App

The app is provided for both iOS and Android.
It's intended to work on ARKit/ARCore compatible devices.


It requires a smartphone/tablet and nothing more.